SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

Stand Up Paddle (or commonly known as SUP) is gaining a worldwide following as a low-impact, environmentally friendly sport that provides a great workout for anyone from all walks of life.

Started in Hawaii in the 1960s amongst the surfing community, stand up paddle has now spread across the globe – you can  find enthusiasts on their SUP boards out in the oceans, rivers and  reservoirs. Stand up paddling is not just constrained to one single activity, we have seen that the sport has evolved into a hybrid such as stand up paddle yoga, stand up paddle surfing and even stand up paddle on land. In Singapore, stand up paddle is beginning to gain popularity as we see more and more people picking up the sport around the island. Stand up paddle lessons are also available for those who would like to get professional coaching.

Unlike most other watersports that require a heavy investment in time, portability and money, all you need to start with is a stand up paddle board, paddle and the water! Stand up paddle is a great activity for the family, a company of friends and even your pets. Because stand up paddle requires absolutely zero maintenance, this sport is great for anyone of any age group. With the feeling akin to walking on water, all you need is to balance yourself on a stand up paddle board (similar to an oversized surfboard) and propel yourself across the surface of the water using the paddle. For beginners, this can be done over a flat water surface, however as you progress you may want to try stand up paddling over waves or other challenging body of waters.

Apart from having fun, stand up paddle can also be added to your current fitness regime as it works out your core muscles, balancing skills and its low impact characteristics are well suited for your joints. Best of all you get to enjoy these in the great outdoors!

Globally, SUP has become very popular and racing is one of the SUP disciplines that is taking the sport of SUP into the top echelon of sports. As with canoeing and kayaking which had evolved into an Olympic sport, SUP is moving into that direction as well, probably even faster. SUP racing events worldwide are growing and so are the prize money. With surfing becoming an Olympic sport and featuring in the 2020 Olympic, it is just a matter of time that SUP will be next.

Now that you’re intrigued and would like to take that first step in learning how to stand up paddle in Singapore, do check out our information regarding lessons, the various types of stand up paddle equipment such as gear, apparel and SUP board.