SUP Repairs

At Outer Quadrant, we not only sell SUP equipment, we also provide after-sales service. SUP board repairs is one of our forte. We provide repair services for the following type of equipment:

  • Inflatable SUP
  • Hardboard SUP / Paddle boards
  • Inflatable rafts/kayaks/dinghys
  • Hardshell kayaks/canoes
  • Surfboards

Typical damages on inflatable SUPs include PVC delaminations which can result in leakages. Our humid tropical weather and salt water exposure may not be very kind on the inflatable SUP laminates, so inflatable SUPs do face these issues due to weather conditions and wear and tear. We use high grade marine PVC adhesives for all our repairs. Resealing the laminates require surface cleaning, priming, application and curing. The duration for a typical repair takes at least 2 days including overnight pressure testing.

Apart from inflatable SUPs, we provide repair services for RIBs, dinghys which are made of PVC/hypalon. These equipment are also subject to the weather conditions and salt water exposure. However, they are not subjected to very high pressure unlike inflatable SUPs (10-22 PSI depending on the SUP brand/model).

For hardboard SUPs or hardshell crafts like canoes/kayaks and also surfboards, we provide glassing services. We repair cracks, dings and dents on these type of boards.

Get in touch with us to discuss on the repairs that are needed for your equipment.