Kiteboarding (or Kitesurfing)

Some people call it Kiteboarding, others call it kitesurfing, the words are pretty much used interchangeably. This ultimate water sport combines the thrills and tricks of wakeboarding, the carving turns of surfing, the jumping and flying of an acrobat, the quiet freedom of cruising at sea and the speed of sailing.

Kiteboarding has all the ingredients to maximize the fun-factor.

– The gear is simple and compact.

– The kite easily folds up to fit into a back pack. Easy for travelling.

– The board is light weight and fits in a bag the size of a golf bag.

– A Harness that fits around your waist and a Control Bar with lines completes the set up.

Ride in light or strong winds, flat water or waves & pull off insane aerial maneuvers or just have a chill session & cruise around.

Kiteboarding can be done in all types of areas – in the ocean, bays, large lakes or rivers.

As long as there is ample wind and water!

Kiteboarding (or Kitesurfing) is a growing extreme water sport that has evolved into a serious sport with its proposed inclusion into the 2020 Olympic. Kiteboarding is governed by an international body called the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA), a standards body that set the policies and safety guidelines as well as rules and regulations of the sport. Kite Racing has been established and recognised as a sailing sport under World Sailing (formerly known as International Sailing Federation – ISAF) alongside sailing and windsurfing. Kiteboarding has produced several sailors that have broken World speed sailing records. Kite and Kitefoil Racing competitions are also gaining popularity and visibility worldwide.