Kite Repairs

Your kitesurf gear are subjected to a lot of wear and tear over several kite sessions or seasons. You may have experienced sail tears, leaking bladders or malfunctioning parts. It’s heartbreaking to miss some great sessions with such equipment failure. While you may care for your kitesurf gear, equipment failure do happen and you want to get your kite repairs done quickly in time for the next kitesurf weekend trip.

Being kitesurfers ourselves, we have experienced all these equipment failures and we have diligently find ways to do our own repairs. Rest assured, we have done sail repairs, patched leaking bladders, replaced lines, fixed quick release systems, re-glassed cracked board edges and many more. No matter what brand or make of kitesurf gear you own, we can repair them.

Here are the list of kite repair services that we do:

  • Sail repair – stitching or patching
  • Leaking bladders – valve replacements, valve reattachments, bladder replacements or patching
  • Kite line replacements
  • Control bar repairs – replacement of parts
  • Cracked or chipped kiteboard edges – re-glassing
  • Crack, ding, dent, fin box repairs for surfboards



Just some of the kites that we have repaired.