What is it like to learn how to paddle board or SUP? Here are 3 short video guides which will give you an idea of the basic skills needed to get you stand up paddling on a paddle board. If this is something that you would like learn, join our SUP lessons.

1. Set up, launching and prone position

Get yourself introduced to your gear. set up for you and ready to get afloat. We then look at the Prone paddling position to get you launched but also to help if you ever get into trouble.

2. Knee paddling

This looks at getting launched and your first stroked on your knees. Here we can introduce the basics of paddle technique and how to turn the board.

3. Basic paddling

Up to standing and finding your balance. Here we look at real paddle basics the foundation of everything else to come.

Having watched these 3 short video guides, if this is something that you want to learn, don’t hesitate to get some SUP lessons with us. Check out the options here.