When we first introduce inflatable SUP boards in Singapore back in 2009, people think that it’s silly. SUP back then was already getting very popular worldwide and Singapore was just starting, so people are more inclined to associate SUP with hard boards.

We can’t blame them as back then, inflatable technology was just new in the market. Almost all the construction of the inflatable SUPs are single layer boards. They may be lightweight, however they are not durable, flimsy and easily leak. Some manufacturers then introduced dual-layer SUPs, which make them more durable and stiffer. However they are much heavier.

Why we chose to introduce inflatable SUPs to the Singapore market is because they are

  • Easy To Store – Most of us live in apartments and you can’t be squeezing in a 11 foot board in the lift or house. Even if you do decide to join a sea sports club, there are monthly storage fees.
  • Easy To Transport – Not everyone owns a vehicle, and even if they do, hard board SUPs cannot be squeezed in the car boot, they have to be strapped onto a roof rack on top of the car.
  • Easy To Travel – Inflatable SUPs pack nicely in carrier bags including their accessories like pump and paddle (3 piece). They can easily be checked-in as like any ordinary luggage. Unlike hard boards which may incur additional check-in fees due to its odd-size or classification as a surf board which many airlines impose these fees.
  • Gentle To Beginners – We needed boards which minimise injuries when new paddlers try the sport. Hard boards tend to cause bumps and bruises especially on the knees when they lose their balance and drop on their knees. Worse if they fall backwards and can bump their heads on the tail.
  • Performance Almost Similar To Hard Boards – The inflatable construction technology has grown and make these boards lightweight, yet stiffer and more durable and less prone to leaks.

Back then, while searching for a suitable hard board SUP brand, we stumble upon Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs on one of our travels to UK. We were sold to the idea of taking on the brand instead and got our distributorship for Singapore. Ever since, we have sold out all our stocks every year and nearly double our sales every year.

One of the reasons we chose Red Paddle Co is that they only produce inflatable SUPs, so all their resources are focused on the R & D of inflatable construction technology. So every year they will introduce industry-leading inflatable features in their boards and also accessories. Notable features are the MSL construction (Monocoque Structural Laminate) and Titan pump.

MSL construction is leading the way in producing lightweight inflatable SUPs which are stiffer and durable. Performance is almost equal to hard board SUPs. The Titan pump is also a time and effort saver. It is a dual cylinder SUP pump which is able to deliver high volumes of air into the SUP at the shortest possible time, less effort and achieve the desired optimum pressure.

Red Paddle Co also owns their production facility, which means all their R & D and manufacturing are dedicated to the production of Red Paddle Co SUPs only. This also means very close attention to quality control and warranty management. This is unlike most brands where they are already producing hard boards but outsource their inflatable range to a contract manufacturer (almost all in China).

To see the range of Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP boards, click here.

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