So what is the best inflatable paddle board brand? Here are just some of the durability tests that a Red Paddle Co paddle board had been subjected to. The results speak for itself about the quality of the MSL construction on every Red Paddle Co SUP board. Watch the videos as the same board gets dropped from height, heavy load dropped on it and gets run over by heavy vehicles.

SUP ran over by a 3 tonne Land Rover Defender truck

Heavy tire dropped from height on SUP

SUP ran over by a 9 tonne tractor

SUP dropped from as high as 15m

SUP ran over by a 22.5 tonne digger

Some of the awards that Red Paddle boards have recently won.

Red Paddle Sport 11’3 won the 2017 Gear of The Year award by Outside.

Red Paddle Ride 10’6 won the 2016 Gear of The Year award for Inflatable SUP by SUP Connect.